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MarketingPulse 2019 – Asia’s Premier Conference for Marketers and Brands
MarketingPulse 2019 - 亞洲品牌及營銷界高峰論壇

MarketingPulse is a regional premier conference for agencies and marketers, together with brand owners and advertisers to gather and share the latest marketing trends and exchange best marketing practices.
Events include conferences, workshops, exhibitions, networking activities and business matching session. MarketingPulse is not only a conference, but an inspiring exchange platform to explore new frontiers in the markets.
You will hear insights on various hot topics from 40+ leading marketers and brands include former Chief Brand Officer of Uber, former Chief Marketing Officer of Airbnb, international brands from Burger King, Calbee, ESL Gaming, McDonald’s China, AirAsia, award-winning agencies TBWAHAKUHODO, NAWIN consultant, and digital experts from Google, LinkedIn, Baidu, 360 Search Engine, iClick and many more.

MarketingPulse 彙聚全球市場營銷執行官、廣告專才、創意大師、品牌及企業管理代表,共同探討亞洲品牌營銷市場的最新趨勢及發展機遇。
你將會聽到來自40多個著名品牌或企業的首席營銷官和品牌創意總監前瞻性的真知灼見,星級演講者包括了來自Uber的前首席品牌官、Airbnb的前首席營銷官,環球品牌: 漢堡王卡樂BESL Gaming麥當勞AirAsia,得獎廣告公司: 株式会社 TBWAHAKUHODONAWIN consultant,數碼營銷專家: Google, LinkedIn, Baidu, 360 Search Engine iClick等等。


Event Details 活動詳情

Date: 20th March 2019
日期: 2019年3月20日 

Time: 09:30 – 18:15
論壇時間: 09:30 – 18:15 

Venue: Halls 3DE, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
地點: 香港會議展覽中心3DE展館

Registration 報名詳情

15th March 2019

English: http://www.hktdc.com/ncs/marketingpulse2019/en/s/Buy-a-Pass.html
Chinese: http://www.hktdc.com/ncs/marketingpulse2019/tc/s/Buy-a-Pass.html


Participation Fee 收費詳情

An exclusive 40% off for HKSIA members (Promo code: NMU24E4P) !
HK$1,170 (Original Fee: HK$1,950)

HKSIA專享6折會員優惠 (優惠碼: NMU24E4P) !
港幣1,170 (原價:港幣1,950)



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