[Supporting Organization] 15 November 2019 | SMARTBiz Tech Day 2019 - Embrace e4.0 Maximise Your Business Potential

Embrace e4.0 Maximise Your Business Potential

In today's digital world, companies cannot afford to stay where they are. The emergence of tech
savvy consumers, powerful autonomous technologies, changing regulatory environment and new
business model are driving companies to innovate and transform their businesses. Enterprise 4.0
is the next business strategy in keeping your companies agile, increasing productivity and
optimising the performance of current assets.

Get ready for e4.0 Join us on 15 Nov 2019

Event Link : https://events.hkpc.org/html_data/870157859/system__DTD_20191115_22be1bea788e2d5290633562f293c024.html

Enrolment Link : https://events.hkpc.org/v2/form.php?code=_DTD_20191115

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