Eyemax Technology Holdings Limited
Company name: Eyemax Technology Holdings Limited
公司名稱: 眼界科技控股有限公司
Tel 電話: 8107 0021
Fax 傳真:  
Address: Room 2113-15 Landmark North, Sheung Shui, NT. Hong Kong
Url 網站: http://www.eyemax-asia.com
Email 電郵: info@eyemax-asia.com
Company Description:

Eyemax Technology Holdings Ltd. is the first company to sync "wearable virtual reality HMD" and "Virtual Reality Dynamic machine" of the company, in addition to use mobile phones, desktop computers, but also extends to the use of muti- sensory through visual reach, coupled with a sense of the upper body of the machine at the same time as the video player to swing by a synergistic effect between the two, fully into the experience of those who led the Virtual Reality in time and space.

"VR; Virtual Reality" is to use a computer to simulate a three-dimensional virtual world, through a special wearable devices (Virtual Reality HMD), people seem to enter the real world, in this three-dimensional space, the experience of those who not only can follow the movement, but also to interact with the shuttle through the joystick!

Eyemax Technology Holdings Ltd. has been committed to the application and development of Virtual Reality gaming, the first "Eyemax Virtual Reality Store" was established in Taiwan Taichung Feng Chia district, to achieve a true "Dynamic Machine Experience," seen through the eyes, a sense of the body, so that those who experience and true sense of Virtual Reality, the shock power! In the future, Eyemax Technology Holdings Ltd. will continue to explore more of the Virtual Reality of goods, provide a dedicated platform for a Diversified networks, creating a convenient consumer market



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